Palaiochora Information

Villa Palaiochora is situated at the end of  “Sandy Beach”, one of the most popular beaches of Palaiochora (or Paleochora) town in Crete. The beach is just a few meters away and the center of our small town is at a distance of about only 700 meters.

Paleochora is an area which combines unique natural beauty, history and culture, providing thus many opportunities for extraordinary get-aways. It is near to some of the most popular sites of the island, like Sougia, Lissos, Elafonisos, Chrisoskalitissa, Azogires, Koudoura, Gavdos island, and many more… Green busses are available throughout the day, almost every hour, whilst the bus stop is only a few meters away.

Palaiochora (Paleochora) is the second biggest town of southern Crete after Ierapetra. The town located almost at the southwestern end of the island has aprox. 1.000 inhabitants . The only way to reach Palaiochora is from Hania , a trip of 75km of good asphalt road. Regular public transportation is available for visiting Palaiochora.

Pachia Ammos (“Sandy Beach”), Plakaki, Kountoura, Karavopetra, Gramenos, Krios, Keratides, Ianiskari, Sougia, Elafonisos.

Samaria, Anodros, Saint Irene, Prenee.

Lissos, Eliros, Siya, Kantania, Kadros, Irtakins, Vianos, Pelkis, Tarras, Pikilasso, Kalamidi.

Zoures, 13 inside the Saint Irene gorge (Neroptripa, Red cave, elinikon, Spiles, Skotino, Charakas etc.). The « dragon’s Hole » of Gerospilios at Prasses, Tzani on Omalos, Kalogeros, Vitoro, Sfadachtospilio at Kambanos, Ligiaw at Rodovani, Ulysses, Chalaro, Stalichtra at Temenia, Nerospilia, Xjotokospiliaro, Thafto at Koustogerako and many others.


  • Palaiochora – Omalos – Samaria Gorge.
  • Palaiochora – Kalamos – Spaniakos – Kadros.
  • Palaiochora – Kalamos – Spaniakos – Pyrgos – Zoures – Azogyres.
  • Palaiochora – Elos – Chrisoskalitissa – Elafonisos.
  • Palaiochora – Kantanos – Anisaraki – Temenia – Sougia.
  • Palaiochora – Kantanos – Temenia – Rodovani – Saint Irene Gorge.
  • Palaiochora – Anidros – Azogyres – Irtakina.

The evening trips to see the dolphins in the Libyan Sea.
Also: Palaiochora to Lissos, Sougia, Saint Roumeli (exit of Samaria Gorge), Loutro and Sfakia, and: Palaiochora to Elafonisos and Gavdos.


  • Palaiochora – Lissos – Sougia.
  • Palaiochora – Sarakina – Voutas – Chasi – Kountoura.
  • Palaiochora – Anidros – Azogyres.
  • Palaiochora – Kountoura – Viena – Krios – Elafonisos – Chrisoskalitisa.

The marked European paths E4 and E1 cross Palaiochora allowing walkers and hikers the chance to discover a wonderful and incredible natural world.

Visitors will find plentiful fresh and cheap fish, olive oil, honey, dairy products, local traditional pies (called calitsounia), traditional sweets and cakes.

Also you can try salads, seafood, tasty omelettes with many ingredients, escargot, spicy cheeses, vegetable and fruit. And be sure to try tsikoudia, the very strong local drink.

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